Meet EMC!

We provides digital solution using Data-driven with scientific methods that will take your brand to a next-level of digital marketing.


Analyze all the data and help you to create thousand of micro-segments of target audience. Activate your data securely in Google and Facebook Ads, also trade in 100+ of programmatic exchange globally

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Reporting Tools

An easy way to integrate and analyze prospect all campaign channel’s data into one dashboard.

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Leads Capturing

The most powerful landing page builder to drive in-store shoppers and to locate it nearby with local search. Giving local consumers the option to ease themselves and build solid knot with your brand.

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Analyze & Automation

Marketing automation platform that allows you to effectively manage and apprehend the behavior of clients to get future prospects while also optimize your marketing budget.

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"One Apps For All You Needs"

Simplify your digital marketing report campaign with EMC Equation. All report in one app and easily accessed with mobile phone. Personalize report from every channel in real time