Leads Capturing

Leverage the power of Local Search to increase discoverability of your store

Discover the secrets behind successful lead capture pages, know what to include and what to leave out

Local Store Pages & Social Integration

Our unique mobile experience is optimized for local consumers who are searching for store information on a mobile device. You can also engage customers on social networks like Facebook and Twitter with new updates, specials, announcements, photos, and more.

Directory Listing & Local SEO

Our extensive network of search engines with local SEO elements into store location pages to deliver multi-location businesses, with maximum local search discoverability, maps, review websites, and social networks gives your business complete online coverage.

Control your Data & Analytics

Stay updated. Easily add or edit your store location data across the network in real time through an easy way to use dashboard. You can see the reports that will show you where customers are discovering and engaging with your business online.

Why Now?

Below, there’s some datas that we found on why you should use “Leads Capturing” for your online bussiness.