Secured Your Data and Create Thousand of
Micro-Segment for Your Audience Targeting.


Leverage of our own unique Phi SSP that contain of more than 2000 active private deals across hundreds of top sites.

Understand And Engage With Your Target Audience

Clicklogy technology combines first-party data with third-party data sources to build out a more accurate understanding of customers and prospects. You can easily create different scenario to engage with your customers

Cross-Device Targeting & Tracking

Manage campaigns across mobile, video, display, audio, connected TV, native, search, and social with the rated DSP & SSP. You can execute your campaign easily via trillions of impressions across the geographies, formats and channels that you need.

Secure Your Precious Company Data

We collect your data, and store it only in your preferred place. We help you analyze all the data and create thousand of micro-segment for your audience targeting.

Programmatic Guaranteed

Reach audiences at scale and improve efficiencies by automating your campaigns with programmatic technologies.

Clicklogy Unique Format

Banner Bot

Cross channel banner ads chatbot with multiple scheme. Engage with your audiences using interactive interface. Give your bot a personality and communicate by leveraging the wide variety of content types available within the platform. We develop unique Chatbot together with your marketing objectives in a banner-bot


Programmatic ads will help brands to reach out more audiences by connected ad to second screen and accessed by audiences in real time. Consumers can easily understand the brand a through TV or online

EMC Influencer Powered Ads

With EMC Influencer Powered Ads, effectively turn thousand of influencers becoming Brand Ambassador of your product in display ads.

Form Ads

An online banner ad that allows customers to fill-in the form within the ads itself without going through landing page. Form Ads can help your brands to generate higher leads through the customers who filling-out the form. E-mail, SMS and push notifications will automatically engaged your target audience.